How to Remove Skunk Smell

So you want to trap a skunk? Well, there’s all kinds of ways to get this job done, but only a few ways to get it done right. First off, don’t use lethal traps. There’s no reason to use a body bind trap on a skunk, and furthermore, the skunk is going to release its spray when it dies, leaving you with a nasty odor and a mess to clean off of any surface that oily spray gets onto. Believe me, it will get on something if not just your yard; skunks can spray up to 15 feet!

Live cage traps are the way to go with skunks. They can be picked up as cheaply as about $30 and can be used for a variety of other animals as well. If you live in a suburban or rural area and have wildlife control issues, you’ll certainly get the appropriate mileage out of that investment. When trapping a skunk in a live trap, you’ll need to set up some bait for it. Skunks like meat and the smell of meat, so don’t bait this trap with peanut butter, nuts, seeds, fruit, or vegetables. You’ll likely attract other animals you didn’t know you had on the property and be trapping and releasing animals for weeks before the skunk gets to the trap.

The biggest concern when trapping a skunk is not getting sprayed. Skunks spray when they’re threatened, so imagine what it would take to spook a skunk; not much. Most trappers have their own systems for skunk trapping without being sprayed, and over the years, we’ve heard some interesting methods. We’ve even heard of burying a trap partially in the ground! Our personal favorite is a DIY rigid-wall type trap. Take your existing trap of the cage-style, and retrofit it with a removable shell that covers all but the entrance to the trap. Traps like this can make skunks apprehensive, but we’ve had great success with them. If your skunk is skittish, you can forgo the shell until it’s time to pick the trap up. At that point, you can slide the shell around the trap and pick it up.

Calling a professional to do a skunk trapping is one of the best options for skunk removal. Raccoons, possums, and armadillos are fine DIY jobs, but if you have a skunk, or multiple skunks, save yourself the time and frustration and contact your local animal control specialists. Trust me, it’s much funnier when the technicians get sprayed than you.

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