Squirrel Dangers

This article goes over the dangers of squirrels. We all know squirrels are wild animals; there are many dangers with squirrels as well as other dangers with wildlife and animal control. In my opinion the biggest danger of squirrel removal and having squirrels in the attic is actually the squirrel poop you may encounter as well as the fact that squirrels are constantly chewing and you don't want them to chew the wires in your house and cause a house fire! You would think that squirrels are dangerous because they have rabies, can scratch you or viciously bite you, but in my opinion the first and most dangerous factor of squirrels in the attic is actually the squirrel poop. I will talk about the other dangers of squirrels in just a little bit. First as you can only guess, squirrels have many different zoetic diseases these zoetic diseases can be transferred to humans. Squirrel poop can have leptospirosis, hantavirus, histoplasmosis, and squirrel roundworm. If you click on my squirrel poop page you can actually read about all of the different bacteria in great detail as well as how serious squirrel poop with squirrel roundworm can actually be to humans if ingested. Remember, these are wildlife animals, they are in your home. They have bacteria and pathogens on them. Do you really want to be breathing in all of that? I don't think so!

Squirrels can be extremely dangerous. If you think you're having an issue with squirrels in your attic you should contact a local professional squirrel removal company. Squirrels generally go into the attic to have their babies. If a mother squirrel feels that she is in danger or that the baby squirrels are in danger, the mother squirrel can attack humans. It is not a common occurrence but it can happen; a squirrel will bite you if the squirrel feels endangered, or the squirrel is cornered the squirrel will become very aggressive. The squirrel may try to scratch you or claw at you and the squirrel can become dangerous. I advise my customers to stay away from squirrels if they are on your property or if the squirrel is in your attic. Please contact a local professional wildlife company like 247 Wildlife Control. We are properly trained, licensed and insured with removing squirrels.

Another common danger with Squirrels In The Attic is the fact that squirrels like to chew. Squirrels teeth are constantly growing in order to keep them at a decent length squirrels need to constantly chew and gnaw to keep their teeth trimmed. When a squirrel is in an attic they chew the beams and wood that is in the attic, but what happens is most electricians run cables and wires attached to the beams in the Attic. So, if the squirrel is chewing the beam, the squirrel can actually end up chewing on the wire this and this can lead to an open hot wire. These open and live wires can cause sparks which then lead to an attic fire. It’s very common that squirrels chew wires in the attic, I see it every single day. When the squirrel chews the wire that electrocutes them, shocks them and kills them but it does not always cause house fires. The reason why squirrels can lead to house fires is, now that the squirrel has chewed the wire it has opened up what's called a hot wire, that wire is actually live- what can that happen is debris in the Attic such as a cardboard box from your Christmas ornaments can be next to that hot wire, the live wire will then send out sparks if it is shorting due to the chewing from the squirrel that way, and then caused the fire and that's why having Squirrels In The Attic is extremely dangerous due to the simple fact that squirrels chew wires and can cause house fires!

If you think you are having an issue with squirrels in your home and want to get an expert opinion on the sounds you are hearing, give me a call! My name is Brendan Mangnitz with Centurian Wildlife Control and I am always available to help identify the sounds you hear, and I would be happy to send one of our technicians out to assist you.

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