Wildlife Trapping & Animal Control Services

Wildlife trapping services are in high demand in suburban and rural areas, especially those near wooded or woodland areas. 24/7 Wildlife Control affiliates are expert wildlife trappers who can assist you with the trapping of all nuisance wildlife animals. Trapping services are intended to safely remove the wildlife from your home without harming the animal. Most operators will not utilize lethal traps for various reasons, including local, state, and federal regulations, as well as to not cause negative effects on the local ecosystem.

Trapping is a wildlife removal technique usually used to catch certain types of animals. Animals that can be baited are much easier to trap than animals that must be hearded or sequestered into traps. For example, an armadillo eats insects found in the ground, so it is not likely to get into a trap because it smells peanut butter, cat food, or other baits that trappers use. Instead, animals like this must be guided into traps. Bats are another animal that traditional live cage traps are not suited for. You can read more about bats in our bat removal guide, or our articles about animal exclusion.

With the exception of rats, most wildlife operators utilize live traps that resemble cages to ensnare the invasive animals in and around your home. Rats are a unique case because they reproduce in large numbers and are so small that they hide themselves anywhere in your home. It doesn't take long for a rat problem to get out of hand. For this reason, most wildlife services use snap traps that quickly kill the rat in the most humane way possible, while also making them easy to remove.

If you need trapping services in and around your home or commercial space, contact 24/7 Wildlife Control operators today. Nuisance wildlife is no match for a smart trapper, and your service technician will be able to recommend the necessary repairs and improvements to your home to prevent wildlife problems in the future. Combine removal and repair with sanitation, and you have a full-service wildlife company that will restore your home and remove any harmful bacteria.

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