Wildlife removal experts that operate full-service animal control and trapping companies will offer you a variety of services in order to make sure that your home looks and feels like a brand new home after a wildlife infestation. This includes the intensive sanitation process to restore the air quality of your home, as well as to prevent the spread of diseases and prevent insect infestations.

Removing Animal Feces and Urine


Animal feces and urine are dangerous to have inside the home, especially in places like the attic. In the attic space, wildlife creatures do all kinds of damage, but little is more difficult to repair and counteract than the damage caused by animal waste, both liquid and solid. Animal feces and urine can seep very easily into insulation and drywall panels used on your ceilings, causing awful brown and yellow stains that are both horrible to look at, but could potentially be home to insects and bacteria. You'll want this cleaned up quickly and completely.

Wildlife removal specialists will treat the air inside the attic if they have detected the presence of animal feces. In the event there are punctured air conditioning or heating ducts inside the attic space, the entire ductwork of a home will need to be treated as well. If there is fecal matter or urine inside of the ductwork, this will need to properly sanitized if it does not need to be replaced. Because the attic is close proximity to every single room in the home, it is very important that it be sanitized thoroughly after a wildlife infestation.

Repair and Restoration

If your technicians report that some parts of your attic space or home are not able to be repaired or sanitized, they will have to be replaced. We highly suggest taking the advice of your wildlife removal professional when it comes to replacing soiled insulation and drywall inside of the home. Waiting even one week to remove and replace soiled insulation and drywall can have serious health implications.

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