Wildlife exclusion is based on a few simple principles. The first principle of wildlife exclusion is that no harm comes to the animals you are excluding whatsoever. Exclusion is the most humane way to remove animals from your home for this reason. The second principle is that animals are leaving the space of their own accord. All wildlife species that enter an attic or porch space will eventually need to leave this space to feed or to reproduce. The third and final principle of exclusion is that once the animals have vacated the space, they should not be able to re-enter the space by any means, including the access point they use to leave the space. Sounds tricky, right? It can become extremely complicated if you have multiple access points, multiple species of wildlife, or if you simply do not have the tools and skillset required to place exclusion devices on your home.

Exclusion Materials


Technicians who operate through 24/7 Wildlife Control use high-quality, durable materials to exclude animals from your home. They are experts at determining entry points of various wildlife species, and have years of experience building these devices to fit unique wildlife removal cases like yours. While it is entirely possible to build and place exclusion devices around your home, we recommend using a professional service in order to minimize the risk to your safety and to save valuable time.

Post-Exclusion Inspection, Cleanup, and Repair


Exclusion services offered by 24/7 Wildlife Control and its affiliates are immediately followed up by an inspection, sanitation, and repair service. It's not enough to simply remove wildlife that has made its home in your attic or garage space; you will need to remove any feces/animal waste, as well as fur, nesting materials, dirt, and oils they have brought into the home. Once the tangible waste has been removed, a thorough cleaning of the air inside of the attic or other space is required. If it is possible to air out the space naturally, your technician will do so, and then proceed to treat the air with commerical sprayers loaded with antimicrobial solutions specifically for this purpose. After your space has been sanitized, the repair team will restore your home to like-new condition by sealing entry points and replacing parts of the home that were beyond repair.

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